About Me

When he was a kid years earlier, Mohamed Osman had the typical ideas of what he would be when he grew up. There was the traditional role of the astronaut and explorer as well as the company leader or military figure. Looking back, he smiles at how wrong and simplistic his assumptions were in Osman's early juvenile phase. Nonetheless, life brought Mohamed to where he is today, a successful software engineer responsible for some excellent digital tools that are now in production and being applied.

The place where Osman is today, however, didn’t happen overnight. Unlike the movies, a lifetime career takes years to come together based on multiple decisions, choices, actions, and results. Mohamed spent at least a quarter of a century working his way up from being a computer student to an entry-level programmer and then to an advanced programmer. As he achieved computer engineering status, Osman moved through several industries needing software talent. That included work in predictable areas and applications involving defense and financial services and fluid and changing markets like telecom.

During his two and half decades of software work, Osman has seen many changes. From the early, heady days of the post-dot-com bubble, when the first big tech companies were solidifying their position, the Internet was still new for everyone to the introduction of social media. Then the rise of the mobile app world, Mohamed Osman was involved with software engineering. Because of such a significant depth in the field, he has seen a significant amount of work in infrastructure building for software platforms and financial trading tools. It would be evident that Osman knows his way around multiple software languages, but the ones he enjoys the most tend to be the classics, including C++, Java, and JavaScript for web-based work. However, Osman’s latest projects go far beyond individual tools; a good amount of his recent work involves scalable applications that are applied in an environment mode, providing the foundation for multiple compatible apps to work within for greater creativity.

Of course, life isn’t just about work. At times, his dedication to career expectations and similar were demanding, especially when involved in team projects, but the family was always his core value. Osman is a proud husband to his wife and father to four children. Raising a family in New Jersey has also been a lifetime commitment, especially as Osman has watched his children grow from their first days as toddlers to young adults starting to find their way in life. In some respects, their achievements and moving on have been a culmination of all the effort and work Osman and his wife has done to help their children achieve a better life with opportunity.

When there is time for a break and some downtime, Osman likes to spend his days with sports. Not only does it keep him fit and healthy, but the involvement also refocuses his energy and reduces stress from work significantly. He’s been a big fan of soccer as well as football as a spectator, and Mohamed will also join an invite for a tennis game.

As for the next 25 years, Mohamed still has a lot he wants to pursue. Both professionally and personally, he wants to take on new challenges, travel more, and see more of the world. In addition, Mohamed could potentially see his work being applied to far more than just a commercial perspective. Plenty of non-profit and community-oriented projects can benefit from customized software tools, both in the U.S. and internationally. And, given that Osman has worked with so many different clients and audiences in the software world, he’s an ideal tech engineer for such needs.

Of course, with his kids growing up and getting ready for college, Osman and his wife are also busy finding the right college or university for his children. But, given the various choices and how complicated higher education selection can be, Osman already realizes the same challenge every parent faces wanting the best preparation for their kids in terms of education.

As for the next decade or so, Osman is engaged to keep being involved with work and family and helping create new ways of interacting online and through digital tools. The mobile and online world is exploding with new creations and development, and Osman knows a scalable environment is critical for that growth to continue as it expands exponentially. So while the average person relies on their mobile device and peripherals to connect, Osman will still be involved with the programming languages and coding that make it a reality.